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About Us -

We are an IT-solutions company with a creative Internet application for B2B and B2C next generation platforms.

With our unique application, people from all over the world will be able to shop for fuel, groceries, sundries, meals, books, IT gadgets, mobile airtime, household and electrical appliances and more, with savings of between 3-50% or even higher! 


The Digital Neural Application (D.N.A) eBusiness Management System

We have developed an entire range of unique, sophisticated, exclusive and reliable system called the D.N.A - A fully integrated on an advanced e-commerce platform that enable to transact business online around the world using our scientifically designed  the P2S Business Plan. Simplified online enrolment, a virtual office containing powerful business tools to manage and regulate your business, secure payment options and real time currency converter.

The D.N.A Online Business System allows our licensee to manage their businesses from anywhere, at any time. From signing up and logging on, to purchasing products and accessing numerous exclusive training and development tools, our website is, quite simply, one of the best of its kind in the world.

P2S's Licensee can now set up their own personalize Peek2Save.com web portal instantly, featuring the weekly sales figures that easily surpass rivals around the world.

Vision, Mission and Core Values 

Vision Statement

To be number 1 next generation online shopping platform to reduce inflation through co-operative networking between consumers and business entities. 

Mission Statement

The Peek2Save.com (P2S) mission is to empower men and women in their personal quest for success, with a dream to touch and change lives around the world by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Core Value

Truth, Service & Courage

These values are at the heart of every action we take and represent the foundation upon which Peek2Save.com is build.


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